Our Asset Management Area prepares all the legal documentation necessary for the correct management of a property.

To this effect, we offer all kinds of technical reports, including:

- Occupancy certificate (CED).

- Energy performance certificate (CEE).

- Technical inspections of buildings (ITE).

- Legalisation projects of built surface areas.

- Projects to obtain activity licenses.

- Property status reports.

- Advisory reports on buying and selling real estate.

- Expert reports on damages.

- Condominium division of horizontal properties.

- Due diligence for advice on asset purchase.

- Segregations, aggregations and divisions, both in the cadastre and the registry.

- Any tailor-made report for the client.

All of these procedures are carried out on behalf of the client with the public administration to offer global solutions without the client having to visit the offices or carry out an endless number of procedures before different bodies.